Buying a car should be an exciting experience. So why do so many people dread the idea of car shopping? Two words: Pushy Salespeople. Ugh, salespeople are the worst! Well…that’s not fair but car salespeople do have a notorious reputation for taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals turning purchasing a car from an exciting experience into nerve-racking and unpleasant task. But did you know we may actually be helping them take advantage of us? To keep you protected shared 12 Things you Should Never Tell a Car Salesperson.

12 Things you Should Never Tell a Car Salesperson

  1. I’m Going to Pay Cash

  2. I Already Have Financing

  3. My Current Car is On its Last Legs

  4. I Love This Car

  5. This is the Maximum I Can Pay Each Month

  6. I’m a (Your Occupation)

  7. I’ve Never Bought a New Car Before

  8. I Have a Trade In

  9. I Don’t Know My Credit Score

  10. Tell Me About Leasing

  11. I Haven’t Talked to Any Other Dealers

  12. I’m Not Very Good at Math

A few of these suggestions should come as no surprise. Take for instance the “I don’t know my credit score” statement. You should never go into a situation where you’re most likely going to need/use a loan and not know what your credit score is-especially since there are so many free and easily accessible ways to check it. But some of the others are a little confusing to diagnose.

Say Less Get More

As the proverb goes “the devil is in the details”. Salespeople are highly skilled at deciphering tidbits of information so the less you share the more you may get in discounts and incentives. So, remember be careful what you say when you’re shopping for a vehicle.

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