Money Disorders Conclusion

Inspired by the work of author Ron Gallen’s, The Money Trap, we have been addressing the concepts and warning signs of common money disorders. Gallen suggests that: “All money disorders have at their core the same thing: something missing in the emotional and spiritual realm. An imbalance that is ever trying to right itself. These…

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Workaholism-Societies Favorite Money Disorder.

The first money disorder we examined was relatively easy to detect. Workaholism on-the-other-hand is pretty difficult to convince people of being a disorder because it is so socially accepted. As a matter of fact it is almost worn as a badge of honor…think about how many of your favorite athletes, musicians, business tycoons, comedians, doctors,…

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Overspending-The Recognizable Money Disorder

In the beginning of our series we presented the illustration that money disorders were addictive cycles that require deeper solutions than just gaining (or losing) more money. “Carl Jung once said that he considered addiction to be a low-level form of spiritual quest. The core of the problem, he said, was not with the substance.…

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