Know Your Vice II: Traditional vs Auto-Pay

Nowadays, companies offer multiple options for you to pay your bills. Whether you choose to pay manually or have your payments automatically deducted from your account (auto-pay); as long as you pay on time, companies could care less about which option you choose. But which option is best for you? Let’s examine the benefits of…

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Love Don't Cost a Thing

Love Don’t Cost A Thing-Lyrics For Life

Jennifer Lopez-Love Don’t Cost a Thing Finances and how it effects your relationships can be tricky decipher. Some individuals show their love through material purchases (jewelry, houses, cars, etc.); while others show love through their actions (hugs, kisses, holding hands, talking). In her song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” Jennifer Lopez touches on this issue…

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Simple Tips to Create a Successful Budget

A budget is the perfect tool when determining how to allocate your finances. Yet, although budgets are simple to create-they are also very easy to break. Luckily, we have some simple tips that will help you stay within budget. Tip 1: Have Defined Goals Before you begin you must first know your financial goal(s). Like…

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