Freedom Beyond Wealth is a financial planning and education company challenging the notion that simply having more money can solve your financial problems. We promote solid financial education through life-inspired articles and custom financial plans.

Mission Statement

Provide Simple Financial Freedom to families and small businesses.


The problem most people have with finances is the overcomplicated terminology and definitions. Or people struggle to implement financial strategies on a daily basis. With this in mind, creating articles and financial plans that are easy to understand and apply is our top priority.


From the food you eat, clothes you wear, healthcare you receive-virtually everything has some type of financial incentive. By openly addressing these issues through a financial lens you will become better equipped to make smarter financial decisions.


Living in debt can be very oppressive. Unfortunately, for many families this oppression is just apart of everyday life. By stressing the importance of lowering your debts, increasing your savings, and investing in yourself we want to remove the shackles of debt.