How do you ruin giving, voting, hygiene, restaurants, even death? We have know idea but Adam Conover has found a way in the hit show Adam Ruins Everything. This happens to be one of our favorite shows for many reasons. Adam Ruins Everything is filled with plenty of comedic elements which make it very easy to watch and understand, the show list its sources on screen during the episode so you can easily fact check, but most importantly it causes you to decipher between truth and fiction.

It may seem hard for most people to believe but a lot of our actions and beliefs are not based on things that are factual, but are instead byproducts of strong marketing campaigns. For example, in the episode about hygiene Adam showed how mouthwash, soap, and flushable wipes sales spiked after marketing campaigns made people question if they were clean enough. Another example would be the episode about giving in which he showed how the jewelry company profits off the sale of diamonds-even though they get them substantially cheaper than how much they charge for them.

We have enjoyed every episode thus far; however, since we are a financially focused company we highly recommend the episode ‘Adam Ruins Work‘. In this episode Adam tackles issues such as the five day forty hour workweek, the exploitation of young people through internships, why you should openly discuss your salary, and much more. We love this episode because your work life directly effects every other aspect of your life. Think about it…how much more house could you afford if you had an increase in pay or how much more time could you spend with your loved ones (or just relaxing) if your work hours were shortened? Employee rights is something that’s not discussed enough and Adam does a great job of highlighting some important issues that could provoke change.

When it comes to çruining” things Adam Ruins Everything does a great job of lifting the veil on what we consider to be the truth and what are just traditional practices. This show is definitely worth watching. Who knows; maybe Adam will ruin banking, investing, or retirement.

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