Have you ever sat at home irritated because there was nothing on television! We’ve all been there! You know, that special type of frustration when you are flicking through channels wondering

What the heck am I paying for?

With this in mind we must ask the question: is paying for cable or satellite services even worth it anymore?

Cable and Satellite Alternatives

After tracking how we watched television neither my wife or I thought it made sense to spend money on cable or satellite. So we began looking for some affordable alternatives.

Digital Antennas

Back in 2009 there was a big push to switch from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting which completely destroyed free tv. (Before this you could simply plug in your television and instantly watch local channels). Nowadays you need a digital antenna to get those same channels.Financially speaking digital antennas are great. You simply pay a one-time fee (more specifically the purchase price from the store) and you are good-to-go. Just plug the antenna in the back of your television and you will have instant access to local stations.If you really don’t watch tv a lot or you enjoy local programming (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS) then a digital antenna may be a good choice for you.

Streaming Services

The internet has completely changed how we entertain ourselves. If you have internet service you not only have the option to still watch live shows but you can virtually all your favorite shows through the use of streaming services subscriptions.Although mildly costly these services tend to be more affordable (compared to introductory offers from cable/satellite providers) as prices normally range from $7-20/month for basic packages.The greatest asset for having a subscription to a streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Sling, etc)

Physical Copies

With everything being digital nowadays it’s pretty scary to think that one false move (either an accidental tapping of the delete button or some other occurrence) could completely-poof-wipe away your digital video library. The easiest way to prevent such situations is by purchasing physical copies of your favorite movies and shows.By having physical copies (VHS, DVDs, etc) you can constantly enjoy your shows without those intrusive ads. Of course, this may not be completely ideal as physical copies can become cluttering and companies are shifting to digital platforms.

Are You Going to Cut the Cord?

So, should you ditch the cord? Well, of course that answer depends on you and your family. With the popularity of streaming, it seems rather archaic to have cable or satellite anymore. Unfortunately, most cable companies have realized this and are responding by amending their internet packages but that’s a completely different discussion. Either way, when it comes to watching the shows you enjoy-you have a lot more cable and satellite alternatives to binge on a budget!

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