Emergency Room Alternatives to Avoid High Medical Costs

The last thing you want to think about during a medical crisis is how much that medical bill is going to cost. And the reality is that most people don’t. Think about it; if you or a loved one were in the hospital wouldn’t you do whatever you could to keep yourself or a loved…

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Receipt Rewards

Receipt Rewards-Do You Use Them?

Ugh! There is nothing more annoying than reaching into your pocket, wallet, or purse and pulling out those crumpled old receipts. At least that’s how we used to fell until we began to notice the rewards advertised on to those little pocket fillers. Did you know that many companies use receipts as a way to offer products or rewards to their customers? These receipt rewards…

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3 Simple Steps to Organizing your Finances

Did you know that the secret to achieving financial freedom is simply being organized? Your finances are dynamic which means accessing your information immediately is critically important. Unfortunately, this very challenging when your finances are cluttered and disorderly. Luckily you can successfully organize your finances by following our 3 steps. Step 1: Declutter Throw it…

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Employee Benefits-Are You Using Them?

Simply getting a paycheck from your job may seem like a great benefit; however, have you ever stopped and asked yourself:  Does my job offer other benefits that I don’t know about? The common benefits you may think of are medical, dental, vision, retirement and life insurance…but did you know that some companies (maybe even…

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Paid Biweekly? Give Yourself A Bonus!

​There are many types of pay schedules ranging from daily to annual; however, the most common way employees receive their wages is semi-weekly or biweekly. If you are one of those individuals that get paid biweekly we can show you how to give yourself a little bonus twice a year. Your Check vs Payroll Costs:…

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triple pay months

Do You Know Your Triple Pay Months?

In our article, Give Yourself a Bonus When Paid Biweekly, we concluded that the average worker receives approximately two paychecks per month. We also noted that two months throughout the year an individual who gets paid biweekly receives three paychecks in the same month. These months vary depending on when you get paid. For instance,…

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