If you are an avid reader of personal finance literature or have attended financial workshops then you may have heard the phrase:

Schools don’t teach about money!

Unfortunately, this is not completely true. Granted, we can not vouch for every school we do know that there are many schools that actually do teach about money and implementing certain financial principles; however, it is very limited leaving that burden up to you as a parent.

Common Core Sheets

As parents ourselves we understand the desire to prepare your child for the “real world” and unfortunately after engaging with many children we have encountered one sad commonality. Many children struggle with quickly identifying and adding money.

Luckily, you can easily help your child(ren) count and identify money with worksheets provided by Common Core Sheets. The worksheets show realistic pictures of both coins and bills and ask your child to total the values. Not only are these worksheets similar to what your child would view in school but they are absolutely FREE.

Remember, schools do teach your children about money, but not nearly to the level of importance that you would like. Money and finances are topics your child(ren) will likely learn from home. Using the worksheets from common core sheets will help you become your child’s best financial teacher.

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