Car Maintenance

If you have an auto license it’s assumed that you’re a responsible driver. But are you a responsible car owner? Many car owners end up on the side of the road do to lack of routine preventative maintenance. To make sure your car is running smoothly (and your pockets aren’t crying) here are some DIY car maintenance tasks you can perform to save you money.

DIY Car Maintenance


Changing Air Filters

Check: Every 3 months

Do you like breathing in clean air? Of course you do. Guess what, your car does too. One of the simplest car maintenance tasks that will keep your car running smoothly is replacing your air filters. Replacing both your engine air filter and your cabin air filter will ensure you and your car are getting clean air to run smoothly.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Check: Every time you get gas

The easiest way to save money on gas is by riding on properly inflated tires. Tires that are underinflated (not only pose a huge safety risk) but take more energy (ie gas) to get you to your destination. Here’s the catch 22 overinflated tires pose a huge safety risk as well so make sure you check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what is the recommended tire pressure (psi) for your vehicle.

Regular Tire Rotations

Check: Every Oil Change or 6000 miles

Hopefully if you have a car you know how to change a tire. Well rotating your tires is basically repositioning your tires location to promote even tread wear. Making sure your tires are rotated will promote balance which improves fuel efficiency and safety.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Check: 6 months-1year

Struggling to see while driving in the rain? Do your wipers leave streaks? It may be time to replace those windshield wipers. You can find some great wiper blades at affordable prices at local superstores like Meijer, Walmart, etc. This simple 5 min fix will keep you seeing clearly and driving safely.

Regular Oil Changes

Check: Every 3000-5000 miles (varies based on vehicle usage)

Oil is arguably the most important fluid in your car. Not only does it maintain engine lubrication, cool engine components, remove engine debris, improves gas mileage-basically it keeps your engine lasting longer which keeps your car lasting longer.

Other Tasks

Other maintenance things you should be on the look out for is your fluids like wiper fluid, power steering, and coolant as well as keeping your car clean to avoid paint damage.

As the phrase goes ” with great power comes great responsibility”. Owning a car allows the freedom to travel great distances at your own convenience but only if you keep it up and running in tip-top condition. By following the above DIY car maintenance tasks not only can you avoid costly repairs but you’ll have a long lasting safe vehicle.

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