It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No it’s not Christmas, it’s tax season-and if you are receiving a refund then what a time to be alive. But after having to wait for your W-2s, and other tax documents, waiting approximately another three to four weeks for your tax refund can be extremely irritating. Well now you can finally take a deep breath and relax because the IRS has you covered (yes you read that right).

Download the IRS2GO App

The only thing worse than not having money is waiting for money. Unfortunately, tax preparers (whether online or in-person) can only give you an estimated date of arrival for your refund. That’s why this year we decided to try the IRS2GO app.

The IRS2GO app has a very simplistic design with many features which you may find useful but the only feature we cared about was the Refund Status option. You simply input your answers to three simple questions:

  • SSN
  • Filing Status
  • Refund Amount

then click “Get Status”. Instantly you are given an exact date disclosing when your federal refund will be deposited.

Is it Accurate?

According to our independent study the app was completely accurate as the refund arrived as scheduled. However, they do warn that if you do not get your refund after a few days then you should check with your financial institutions.

We know dealing with the IRS is usually the LAST thing anybody wants to do, but this time it may actually be worth it. The IRS2GO App gives you an exact date to expect your refund allowing you to properly draft your budget and/or financial goals.

Try it out and let us know what you think below.

Freedom Beyond Wealth or its affiliates are in no way affiliated with the IRS. This review was released in an unbiased basis and does not constitute an endorsement.

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