DTE Energy Assistance Programs

“Oh the weather outside is freightful,

and your bills are no longer delightful,

There’s a few things you should know,

How to stay warm from the cold from the cold”

Okay, so we may not be the best songwriters in the world but it is about that time when we must adjust for the frigid winter season. If you are like the many Americans who struggle to keep up with the high cost of gas and electricity during this time then winter may not feel like “the most wonderful time of the year”

Luckily, DTE Energy has compiled a list of Payment Assistance Programs to help you avoid a potential service shut off.

Payment Assistance Programs

DTE Energy Programs

  • Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan

Income based program allowing customers at or below the 150% federal poverty guidelines to stay current on energy bills through a fixed payment plan based on income and energy usage. Learn more at dteenergy.com/lsp

  • Shutoff Protection Plan

Income based and/or senior assistance program allowing residential customers at or below the 200% federal poverty level and all Senior Citizens (ages 62+) manage the outstanding balance on their account. Requires a down payment. Learn more at dteenergy.com/SPP

  • Winter Protection Plan

Income based and/or senior assistance program designed to prevent service shut offs and high utility payments during the heating season (November-March) by enrolling in a budgeted payment plan. Low-income customers must be at or below 150% of the federal poverty level or senior citizen.

  • Senior Winter Protection Plan

Senior assistance program protecting all seniors from shut offs during the heating season.

  • Payment Agreement

General assistance program in which customers needing additional time to bring their account up to date by enrolling in an installment plan.

  • Critical Care Protection

General assistance program granting annual shutoff protection to you or members of your household requiring a life support system. Must have physician or medical professional complete Medical Certification Form.

  • Medical Emergencies

General assistance program providing shutoff protection for up to 21 days if you or a member of your household has a proven medical emergency. Written proof from a doctor or public health official is required.

  • Double-Notice Protection Plan

General assistance program that alerts a consenting friend, relative, or agency about your shut-off notice. Designated party is not responsible for paying overdue bill however allows them to take action on your behalf. Great for unexpected events (vacations, hospital stays) that may keep you from paying your bill on time.

  • Active Military Protection

Military program providing up to 90 days of shutoff protection if you or your spouse is called to full-time active military duty during a national or state emergency or war. Can reapply for extensions.

  • Residential Income Assistance Credit

Income based program providing $7.50 monthly credit for electric bill and/or $11.25 monthly credit for gas bill.

Government Programs

  • Home Heating Credit

Income based program providing home heating credit. Ask tax preparer for more information.

  • State Emergency Relief Program

Income based program providing relief to low-income households who meet federal income guidelines and have a past due utility bill or shut-off notice. Learn more at newmibridges.michigan.gov

  • Michigan Energy Assistance Program
  • Michigan Veteran’s Trust Fund

Military program providing temporary assistance to veterans and their families facing a financial emergency or hardship. Learn more at michiganveterans.com

  • Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program

Income based program providing free home energy conservation services to eligible homeowners and renters with a household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Learn more energy.gov/energysaver

Agency Programs

  • United Way
  • The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW)
  • Salvation Army
  • Truenorth
  • Michigan Community Action
  • Accounting Aid Society
  • Superior Watershed Partnership
  • St Vincent De Paul

Additional Financial Resources

  • Freedom Beyond Wealth
  • GreenPath Debt Solutions
  • Lifeline
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