Consolidating Debt-Is It Right For You?

One of the most popular and highly advertised options for individuals looking to eliminate their bills is to consolidate their debt. This is normally* done by applying for a loan and you (the borrower) pay off the multiple accounts; leaving you with only the loan to payback. So, What’s the Problem?   The biggest problem with…

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Emergency Room Alternatives to Avoid High Medical Costs

The last thing you want to think about during a medical crisis is how much that medical bill is going to cost. And the reality is that most people don’t. Think about it; if you or a loved one were in the hospital wouldn’t you do whatever you could to keep yourself or a loved…

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Receipt Rewards

Receipt Rewards-Do You Use Them?

Ugh! There is nothing more annoying than reaching into your pocket, wallet, or purse and pulling out those crumpled old receipts. At least that’s how we used to fell until we began to notice the rewards advertised on to those little pocket fillers. Did you know that many companies use receipts as a way to offer products or rewards to their customers? These receipt rewards…

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