Checking your credit reports is a habit that you should do regularly. Did you know that every year you are entitled to a FREE credit report from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax? By simply heading to and inputting the required information you can gain access your credit report.  

Why Check your Credit Reports?

The greatest reason for regularly checking your credit report is to verify the information listed. As much as we hate to admit it; your credit report can be damning. Especially when it contains incorrect information-something these credit report agencies are notorious for. By regularly checking your credit report you may be able to correct your information and avoid having a creditor use false information against you.

Another reason for regularly checking your credit report is to plan how to pay off your debts. Your biggest debts (student loans, credit cards, mortgage) can be found on your credit report. With all of these debts listed in one place you can easily prioritize your bills and determine an efficient payoff strategy.   

Check your Credit Report

It’s time to get proactive about your credit. And the best way to do that is by regularly checking your credit report. Not only is it FREE but, thanks to the internet, it’s easily accessible. 

Helpful Hint

Caution: We suggest downloading or printing your credit report because once you log out for whatever reason they’ll charge you. Your credit score is not listed; you will be charge to view that information.

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