Freedom Beyond Wealth was created to eliminate the control that money has on our everyday lives. Think about this, according to, the United States of America (as of April 2015) is the second richest country in the world. Yet even with all of this wealth* citizens are struggling to pay their mortgages, utility bills, purchase a car, etc. FBW Cares is our community outreach program determined to challenge this current standard of living. We want to do this by raising funds that would be used to:

1) Help individuals pay off debts

As mentioned earlier many individuals are struggling to pay their utilities. This should not come as a surprise as for the past couple of years we have had some dangerous weather conditions throughout the nation-especially in the winter. In addition to weather changes many cities have been increasing the price of utilities such as water-which has been in the news quite frequently lately. Personally, I am very grateful that my family and I have been able to have shelter and keep warm without having to worry much about financial burdens; unfortunately, there are many individuals who just need a little help combating the fluctuations within their utility bills.

2) Donations to other organizations

If we have someone that is using our service(s) we would love to be able to help them directly by paying off whatever debt they may have; unfortunately we can’t do it all, we know that we are not the only organization in the world with the same mindset of helping people. There are other organizations that provide various services to many communities, but could do even more with our help. For example, we found out that a local Salvation Army and many churches provide meals throughout the year to those who are hungry-a nice contrast to just the stuff we hear about around the holiday season(s). Thus, if there is an organization(s) that is already serving that particular niche we want to strengthen their efforts through donations so that they can keep offering the best services available to those in need.

3) Keep our services low

Freedom Beyond Wealth’s goal is to help those that are in financial turmoil by offering personal money management which includes budget planning, debt repay off planning, etc (For more check out the services page on our site or contact us). However, our biggest conundrum is how to help individuals save money while at the same time charging them in order to keep our business expenses in order. Five (5) percent of the money we receive through from the FBW Cares would be put back into Freedom Beyond Wealth so that we can avoid the burden of having to raise the prices on those who need our services the most-individuals with financial woes.

*At the time of this post the GDP is valued at $18.125 trillion which is a 23.1% increase

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