Did you know eight out of the twelve highest paying jobs are in the engineering field? Well that’s according to information gathered by MSN Money and The Motley Fool.

Check out the list below:

12 of the Highest Paying Jobs in 2018

OccupationMedian Starting Salary
Tax Attorney$93,899
Drilling Engineer$89,167
Patent Attorney$86,196
Employment Law Attorney$83,142
Chemical Engineer$71,842
Geophysicist$71, 721
Aerospace Engineer$69,735
Electronics Engineer$68,732
Hardware Engineer$65,991
Network Engineer$65,277
Civil Engineer$65,232
Software Engineer$64,573

Another interesting fact we noticed was that three of the twelve occupations on this list revolved  around being a specialty type of attorney.

So if you are looking for a job that makes a lot of money-look no further.

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