Love Yourz

J. Cole-Love Yourz

Have you ever heard the phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side”? That saying basically describes how we envision someone else’s possessions or life-being better than our own. Luckily, J. Cole reminds listeners to appreciate their lives in his song¬†Love Yourz.

In one part of his song (see lyrics below) J. Cole seems to remind listeners that happiness does not come through your possessions (because there’s always going to be someone that has a better or newer version) but instead through your level of appreciation for everything you have such as the ‘people that love you dearly’.


Always gon’ be a bigger house somewhere, but —– feel me
‘Long as the people in that mother—— love you dearly
Always gon’ be a whip that’s better than the the one you got
Always gon’ be some clothes that’s fresher than the one’s you rock
Always gon’ be a —– that’s badder out there on the tours
But you ain’t never gon’ be happy till you love yours


What do you think this song is saying about finances? Check out the video below and share which lyric(s) stuck out to you.

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