As a kid I remember being so in awe of musicians because I thought:

Wow, how do they come up with these amazing songs?

At the height of my ignorance, I truly believed that every single song a musician sang was written by them. As silly as that sounds I honestly never paid attention to award show shoutouts and I especially didn’t read the credits (remember those booklets) that came inside the CD cases. However, as I matured I became aware of the business side of things and realized that evn though one person may get the attention it actually may have took a team of people to craft that song, book, comic, video, etc. That’s fine and all but what happens when the “ghostwriter” wants some recognition.

In the below Mary Tyler Moore episode “Murray Ghosts for Ted” that is exactly what happens. Ted solicits the writing services of his coworker Murray when writing an article, but to both of their surprise the article gains immense popularity (and even a financial reward). Would Ted reveal that it was actually Murray who composed the article or will Murray live with this secret for the rest of his life?

Watch “Murray Ghosts for Ted”

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After watching the above episode how did you feel? Could you ghostwrite a work for someone or would you want credit for your work?

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