If you are like us then you probably enjoy saving money-ironically even when you are preparing to spend it. I remember watching a lady on television say she would not enter a store if she could not get at least forty percent off. If you’re thinking forty percent off sounds unusual don’t worry it is. That particular lady was great at extreme couponing. For the rest of you that hate walking around with a pocket full of coupons (that you may forget to use anyway) then you should definitely check out your local outlet mall.

What’s the Big Deal?

Outlet malls are not brand new by any stretch of the imagination; however, compared to tradition malls the savings can be huge! Well, after visiting multiple outlet malls in our area we were surprised to see so many stores that advertised deals ranging from 50% off, buy one get one (sometimes 2), and even 75% off. Compare that to regular malls that normally show savings ranging from 15-20% off and you can see why outlet malls are a big deal. 

Unfortunately, outlet malls are not everywhere so if you still want great deals don’t be afraid to look in the clearance section of your favorite store. Someone who used to work in the retail industry told Freedom Beyond Wealth that usually the items in clearance are there simply because of factors like the item’s color, size, or simply the store trying to make more space for new inventory. However, if you are lucky enough to find an outlet mall close to you, definitely make that your first stop when completing your shopping especially during the seasons when you get the best bargains such as Black Friday, Back-to-School, etc. 

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