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Ugh! There is nothing more annoying than reaching into your pocket, wallet, or purse and pulling out those crumpled old receipts. At least that’s how we used to fell until we began to notice the rewards advertised on to those little pocket fillers. Did you know that many companies use receipts as a way to offer products or rewards to their customers? These receipt rewards are usually their way of saying ‘hey, notice me’ or ‘thank you for your recent purchase-here’s a gift for you to come back again’.

After scanning multiple receipts; we listed the most common rewards you will likely find on your receipts:

Receipt Rewards


Would you like to have an extra $50, $500, or $1000 next time you shop at your favorite store? Well you might be able to. Many stores use codes found on receipts to raffle off prizes such as gifts cards or shopping sprees.

Points and Discounted Purchases

If you have a rewards card or membership with the store you shop at your receipts can be your best key to quickly accumulating rewards points. For instance, one grocery chain allows you to use your rewards points for 10 cents off per gallon of gas. That’s a huge savings especially during those gas hikes.

Free Food

Contests and points are nice but getting stuff for free is even better. Usually on the back of fast food and some grocery receipts you will find offers that give you free food items on a future purchase. For example, one particular company gives you a free sandwich with the purchase of fries and a drink.


Most of the time in order to get these rewards you have to fill out an online survey about your recent shopping experience. Although it can seem irritating; the surveys are actually really quick and also verify that you did make a purchase. One app that links you directly to those surveys is called Survey Finder however, it’s probably easier to just follow the instructions on your receipt.

Any rewards we missed? Let us know below in the comments section.


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