Like walking into your parents room while they engage in late-night aerobics (wink wink) our childhood was officially ruined with the news that Toys R Us (and Babies R Us) decided to close all of its United States stores. Despite the sad news there is a silver lining. You may be able to rack up huge discounts through their store closing deals.

Rise and Fall of a Toy Giant

“Our goal is to be the Worldwide Authority on Kids, Families, and Fun”

Since opening its doors in 1957, Toys R Us had undeniably fulfilled it’s mission on being the authority on Kids, Families and Fun with more than 600 international stores and over 140 licensed stores in 35 countries; becoming the biggest staple for purchasing children’s toys. In 1996 the company introduced Babies R Us (one of our favorite stores) which offered not only a wide array of baby products but also hosted free classes for parents ranging from car seat safety to breast feeding. Both stores also boosted a robust rewards program and birthday celebrations for the children. Unfortunately, even with all of those perks Toys R Us’s days were numbered.

Whether you want to blame online shopping or simply a lack of interest in toys, the news that Toys R Us was closing it’s doors wasn’t too surprising. The company struggled with bankruptcy and then initiated a minor liquidation of underperforming stores. It began its full U.S. liquidation on March 23, postponed one day after the passing of Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus. Yet, even with the barrage of disappointing news, many of the employees we encountered maintained positive attitudes and friendly service.

“Our vision is to put joy in kids hearts and a smile on parents faces.”

Store Closing Deals up to 50% Off

Since both Toys R Us and Babies R Us are undergoing complete liquidations you may be able to get great savings on toys and other merchandise. After traveling to various stores around metro Detroit we discovered sales ranging from 10% – 50% off regular price. Unfortunately, if you still have rewards or gift cards the stores stopped accepting those (as well as checks-do people still use those?).

Farewell Toys R Us

Businesses come and go but something was special about Toys R Us. From its lovable character Geoffrey the Giraffe to the insane amount of toys it shelved Toys R Us and Babies R Us were great companies that will surely be missed. The biggest upside though is that if you’re looking to save money on birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or just stocking up for the house now is the BEST time to purchase some goodies.

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