Regularly saving money is difficult for many individuals. So to encourage you to begin save habitually, last year we challenged you to set aside at least $5 a day (approximately $150 per month). This year we want to up the ante!

Let’s Really Save Money this Year

It’s a New Year so we are changing up our strategy and saving on multiple fronts. This year a reportedly 90% of Americans listed saving money as a New Years Resolution. Unfortunately, many individuals lose thousands of dollars a year in interest charges, late fees, etc. In other words, if you find it difficult to save money that’s probably because you are losing extra money (ie potential savings) to your bills.

So, this year we challenge you to once again save $5 a day while also knocking out at least 1 interest-bearing debt. That’s right you have 12 months to pay off that credit card, auto loan-heck if you feel daring tackle that mortgage! Whatever bill you choose you have until December 31st to completely pay it off. If you need help planning an appropriate payment schedule send us message and we would be happy to assist.

New Year Better You

Don’t be one of those people that start the year off passionate about your goals only to fizzle out at the end of the month. This year you are not only going to save money- you are going to get out of debt as well.

Cheers to a Successful New Year from your Wealth Partners at Freedom Beyond Wealth!!!

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