As parents, we want the best for our children and for many parents that means giving their child a competitive advantage. Our question for you is: How much would you pay to have your child learn business principles from Warren Buffet?




What if you had the opportunity for Warren Buffet (as well as guest appearances from other celebrities) to educate your child for free? Don’t worry this is not a scam. This is the premise for the animated series [Warren Buffet’s] Secret Millionaire’s Club broadcast on Qubo. secret millionaire's club

After watching a few episodes we were surprised at how educational and informative the show is. Not only does it show viewers how to build a business but it also highlights important social issues. For example, one episode showed the struggle a widow went through to get a loan after her husband died because the banks had a policy that denied loans to women-even though she owned a successful business. The only issue you may face is the lack of excitement compared to other children’s shows. So you may have to encourage your child to watch it.

In conclusion finding a show  dedicated to teaching children about money and business is rare. So the fact that your child has access to an animated series featuring Warren Buffet and a host of other celebrities is definitely worth checking out.


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