The best way to change your financial situation is to change your mindset when it comes to handling your finances. So it’s no wonder why a popular financial phrase is to:

Run your household like a business!

So, let’s pretend you are an investor. As an investor your job is to make your assets [more] profitable. What’s the greatest assest in your household? You and your family of course! Okay, now as an investor how do you make you and/or your family more profitable? 

Profitability, in this regard, does not mean simply getting more money. Merriam-webster describes “profit” as ‘deriving benefit’ or ‘gain’ with synonyms including delight, gladden, bless, and better. So by asking yourself what would make you and your family more profitable you are really asking what do you and your family enjoy? If you value traveling, volunteering, education, or other personal enrichment ideas-doing more of those things would be profitable to you and your family. 

In our ​Invest In Yourself series we will discuss the many ways you can consistently add to the quality of your life by simply prioritizing your goals. By constantly investing in yourself you create not only a greater sense of financial freedom but an overall sense of satisfaction within your life. 

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