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What's your Money Personality?

What’s your Money Personality?

Like OH MY GOSH!! Do you remember getting the latest issue of Seventeen or some other tween magazine and gathering your friends together to complete a personality quiz? You know those quizzes…

  • “Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob”
  • “Which Disney Princess are You?”
  • “Does Your Crush Like You” or
  • “The Ultimate BFF Quiz”

Although those quizzes were more for entertainment purposes it looks like we may get to relive our tween years with a money personality test that can define our relationship with how we handle our finances.

What’s Your Money Personality?

One of the worst assumptions you can make is assuming everyone views money the same way you do. Some people are extremely disciplined with their finances and do their due diligence before spending a single dime. Others are more…let’s say free spirited and view money as a way to freely purchase whatever they want. Some workers are motivated by money and will eagerly work forty plus hours for that big paycheck. Others may not value money so highly and instead desire working as minimal hours as possible in an effort to preserve their work life balance.

The point being, is that we all potentially have different values in when it comes to how we view-and more importantly manage our money.

So, how do you find your money personality? Well, Laird Norton Wealth Management has you covered with a simple thirty phrase questionnaire. By selecting the phrases that best describe you you can determine whether you predominantly exhibit one of six money personality traits.

What are the money personalities?

In no particular order the six money personalities are:

  • The Saver
  • The Spender
  • The Security Seeker
  • The Risk Taker
  • The Giver and finally
  • The Flyer

Clearly, some of the personalities seem straightforward. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that the “Spenders” have an affinity towards spending money? However, for the sake of due diligence let’s tackle each personality and their characteristics.

The Saver

As you can imagine as a saver…you like to save your money. Like you really like saving. According to the results you enjoy watching your savings grow. You frequently choose less over more and would rather not buy something than risk paying too much for it. And even though you could spend money…once again as the name implies-you get more satisfaction from having money left over.

The Spender

Now unlike the “Saver” as your name implies you enjoy spending money. You don’t agonize over spending money, partly because you know a good deal when you see it. You’re ‘live for today’ attitude allows you to comfortably spend money as soon as it’s available resulting in you spending your spare cash on things that give you (and those you care about) pleasure.

The Security Seeker

The Security Seeker shares some similarities with the Saver. For instance, you also get more satisfaction from saving money than from spending it. This most likely arises from the fact that you will exhaust every possible option before spending your money. In other words, you like to play it safe. Maybe too safe; as you neither like borrowing nor lending money.

The Risk Taker

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t win if you’re scared to play”? That pretty much sums up the mindset of the Risk Taker. Like the character that bets all his or her chips in the middle of a poker game; as risk taker you have an all-or-nothing mentality. You tend to think a big payoff makes a calculated risk worthwhile. And as a risk taker how do you mitigate risk…well be negotiating of course. Lastly, you tend to see a deal in every transaction which explains why you’d rather invest your money than save it.

The Giver

As a giver, putting yourself first is hard to do. That’s probably why you are so generous with your time and of course…money. You focus on and enjoy helping others so much that you actually feel responsible for others’ wellbeing.

The Flyer

Similar to the “Giver” you are generous with your timw and money. However, unlike the “Giver” putting yourself first is not hard to do as you enjoy exploring and having new experiences. Which is somewhat surprising considering the amount of planning it would take to maintain that lifestyle and you definitely view planning as a drag. Money matters are of absolutely no interest to you meaning your much more likely to pass the financial responsibilities to someone (or something) else.

Which personality are you?

As the phrase goes “life is not black and white”. Meaning you’re not one personality. Yes, that’s right…you can have multiple personalities! In some scenarios you make act more like the Saver. In others you may be more of a Risk Taker maybe even a Flyer. The point of this money personality test is to help you identify which characteristics you generally exhibit more routinely.

So, which personality type are you? Well, the only way to know is by taking the quiz and finding out. Want to really make it fun? Grab your BFF and have them check your answers. Hmm…I think I may take a Seventeen Magazine quiz just for the nostalgia.


Freedom Beyond Wealth believes in "financial advice for real life" which is why we publish free easy to understand articles discussing various financial situations and topics. To learn more about the financial services we offer contact us or follow us on social media.


Freedom Beyond Wealth believes in "financial advice for real life" which is why we publish free easy to understand articles discussing various financial situations and topics. To learn more about the financial services we offer contact us or follow us on social media.

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