Aside from having fun, college is described as an environment to gain personal growth and become a ‘well-rounded’ individual. That’s fine if you are taking classes for your own personal enrichment. But what about the people who go to college in hopes of pursing a career? 

For many individuals getting a college degree is the best step to achieving a well paying profession. Generally speaking; college graduates earn more money than individuals with just a high school diploma. However, with more college graduates facing lower paying jobs and increasing student loan debt; college can seem like a pretty worthless financial burden.

So, which degrees are worth pursing? According to these are the worst college degrees to get when seeking gainful employment (listed in no particular order):

The Worst College Degrees to Pursue


Criminal Justice
Hospitality and Tourism
Fine Arts
Culinary Arts
Special Education
Animal Science
Musical Studies
Art History
Urban Studies
Theater Arts
Fashion Design
Liberal Arts
Philosophy and Religious Studies

With America’s focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses; the above list should not come as a surprise. Education is a highly valuable asset and a great investment. However, if you are paying for college with loans you should ask yourself-is this investment for my own personal growth or can it lead to a financially rewarding career?

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