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Founded in 2015

Shaking up traditional financing skills

Built from the grassroots, we believe everyone should feel empowered when managing their household finances.


Our Mission

We believe managing your finances shouldn't be hard.

That's why providing

simple financial freedom

is more than a tagline.

It's the core our organization.

Our Core Values

We encourage a holistic three-pronged motto known as Simple. Financial. Freedom.

You shouldn't have to struggle with confusing terminologies and definitions just to get your finances in order. And those overcomplicated financial strategies-forget about it! 

We keep your finances easy-to-understand and provide tasks that are simple to implement.


Money effects everything. From the food you eat, clothes you wear, your children's schooling, healthcare you receive-virtually everything is impacted by finances.

We understand the role money plays in your day-to-day activities allowing us have natural honest conversations about the things that impact you.

Living in debt can be very oppressive. Unfortunately, for many families this oppression is just a typical part of everyday life.

Whether you define freedom as being able to do whatever you want or simply not stressing out about money everyday; we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

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We've used your feedback to develop services to to help you reach your goals.

Get the Financial Peace You've Been Wanting

We design and develop world-class financial services that will help you reach your goals and feel confident about your financial future.


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