Disney+ Allowing you to Stream the Magic of Disney

After unsuccessfully trying to pick at the Disney vault to rewatch some of my cherished childhood shows and movies, Disney saved me the hassle of purchasing more tools by recently launching its Disney+ streaming service. This service so popular that even Disney was surprised by the sheer amount of volume it was garnering-so join us…

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Odd Squad Episodes about Money

Updated July 1, 2018 There you are. Something very odd has happened… In a world filled with loud vibrantly colorful flashes of animation it’s pretty cool to find an educational children’s show that’s not afraid to use real people. And in our humble opinions Sinking Ship Ent. definitely struck gold with its hit show Odd…

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Detroit Public TV Promo

PBS and DPTV Launch New 24/7 PBS Kids Channel

When I sit back and reminisce on my childhood I can’t help but remember the many entertaining television programs that came on. One of the stations that I watched was PBS which during the daytime showcased children shows like ZOOM, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Zoboomafoo, Arthur and of course Sesame Street. Unfortunately, in the evening time (around 5:30 PM) these shows vanished for…

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