Should Companies Allow Time Off for Severe Weather?

As someone born and raised in Michigan, I can confidently say that I’ve seen virtually every type of weather condition imaginable. And despite the constant pendulum from deep freeze temps to scorching heat; employees are still expected to promptly show up to their jobs everyday ready to work. A pretty ludicrous expectation in our opinion.…

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Know Your Vice II: Traditional vs Auto-Pay

Nowadays, companies offer multiple options for you to pay your bills. Whether you choose to pay manually or have your payments automatically deducted from your account (auto-pay); as long as you pay on time, companies could care less about which option you choose. But which option is best for you? Let’s examine the benefits of…

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Breast Cancer Awareness-making a difference or making a profit!

Ahhh October. The time when leaves turn colors; stores are stocked with apples and pumpkins; and of course children plotting which routes yield the most candy. Another aspect we enjoy about October is the emphasis on raising awareness for breast cancer. From the pink ribbons, pink pizza boxes, and even the pink cleats and gloves…

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Money Disorders-silent addiction

Money Disorders-Do You Have One?

When you hear the word “disorder” I bet you probably envision a celebrity spokesperson talking about some new pill, prescription, or disease. But what do you envision when you hear the phrase “money disorder”? Broke college students, single parents, people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods…the stereotypes are endless. The unfortunate truth is that financial or money…

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trickle down failure

Trickle Down Economics-Does It Really Work?

There are plenty of ideologies and laws that have been challenged, overturned, or simply no longer enforced due to changes in society. An ideology that affects our everyday lives-therefore making it worthy of a second-look (or at least some fine tuning) is the Trickle Down Theory. What is the Trickle Down Theory? Accredited to former…

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