After unsuccessfully trying to pick at the Disney vault to rewatch some of my cherished childhood shows and movies, Disney saved me the hassle of purchasing more tools by recently launching its Disney+ streaming service. This service so popular that even Disney was surprised by the sheer amount of volume it was garnering-so join us as we examine the worldful world of Disney’s streaming platform.

Disney+ Boast Extensive Collection

The Disney brand alone is known for its creation of the world’s most iconic characters (honestly they could just drop the mic with Mickey Mouse), but what makes Disney+ interesting is the sheer catalog available for viewers to instantly browse. D23, the official Disney fan club, displays this list of virtually everything you will have access to with this streaming service (Disney+ shows and movies).

Is the Magic Worth It?

Costing a respectable $6.99 per month (compared to the cheapest Netflix plan which is currently a whopping $8.99 per month) you gain access to the Disney vault which includes Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and National Geographic. You can even bundle your subscription with Hulu and ESPN (which too is owned by Disney) for an all-inclusive entertainment package.

But here’s the real question:

Is it worth it?

As far as value-honestly, it depends? If Disney instantly uploads new content like movies and shows to its platform then it may very well be worth purchasing. Heck, even if you are a fan of nostalgia or want to introduce your children to the “wonderful world of Disney” it could be worth it. However, Disney is really great at marketing so chances are with the exception of the shows you may have already purchased your favorite Disney movies and they are just gathering dust in your home on DVD or VHS (yes those still exist). Or maybe you have a specific show you really love and it’s not listed/available on the streaming service yet-think ToonDisney/DisneyXD series. Then maybe you might want to wait it out for now.

Disney Magic at your Fingertips!

Like the wands used to create the Mickey Mouse logo in those classic Disney commercial breaks, you now yield the power to create Disney magic at your fingertips. Not only does Disney+ contain a nostalgic collection that will put a smile on those from multiple generations but compared to other streaming options it’s currently quite affordable.

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