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Everyday Investment Planning

Get big-ticket items without the big-ticket guilt

It seems like everyday there's a new product available for us to purchase.

From phones, televisions, automobiles, to furniture, we're constantly tempted to make big ticket purchases. Get a plan to help make those big ticket items less daunting.

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Everyday Investments

Say goodbye to buyer's remorse

Wait! Before you buy...

Making any purchase is an interesting decision that can impact your budget but making a big purchase... now that is a huge deal.


of shoppers are dissatisfied with Black Friday purchases


of Americans feel remorse when shopping under stress


of Gen Z bought an item simply to look cool for social media audience

Benefits of everyday investing planning

Reduce Buyer's Remorse

Statistically many buyer's feel remorseful about their purchases from simple online orders to big items like houses. Let's help you not be another statistic.


of Americans who bought a home since the pandemic have buyer’s remorse.


of U.S. adults have experienced buyer's remorse after buying items online

Stay within your Budget

Spending money is not bad. We can help make sure you don't turn it into a problem.

Avoid Persuasive Sales Tactics

Having a plan can protect you from aggressive sales people.

Shop Confidently

No more mindlessly scrolling through the internet adding items to your cart. You can get what you need.

Know Before You Go

Knowing what you can afford allows you to negotiate effectively (if needed) .

Peace and Security

Enjoy the bliss of purchasing whatever you want without the guilt.

Shop Responsibly

You don't have time for deceptive advertising or high pressure sales tactics. Shopping can be fun and safe when you have your plan in place.