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General Questions

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Yes. As a matter of fact we would encourage you to which is why we offer free articles as well as suggested external readings that you may find useful. However, we also know that building and sticking to a budget can be a tedious task. For instance, there are a plethora of templates one can use when building a budget; unfortunately, they can be really vague or want to link to your bank account/need personal information. On-the-flip side, sticking to a budget can be difficult if you are not being constantly encouraged. Our personalized budget plans are exactly that-personalized based off of your own individual goals.

Unfortunately, satisfaction/money back guarantees are not a part of our regular policy due to many variables that are out of our control (see Terms and Conditions); however, depending on the situation we may consider it.

Simply put-we are focused on helping you save money not take it from you. When we save money we pass those savings on to you.

Payment is due before or on receipt of service.

If a payment cannot be made before or upon receiving service contact us to discuss potential payment plan options.

Other Questions

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Our Income-to-Debt ratio is a percentage displaying how much of your total income is dedicated solely for your expenses. For example, if your total take home income per month is $1200 and you have $600 in expenses then your income-to-debt ratio would be 50% (i.e. half of your money is being spent on bills)

A Balance Sheet compares your assets against your liabilities. It is similar to that of the Income Statement except it displays your net worth as well as giving you a clear indication of where your money is going on a long term.

An Income Statement is a report that displays all of your income against all of your regular expenses. The Income Statement is a clear indicator of where your money goes on a daily/monthly basis. We list each source of your income, such as paychecks from your employment against the expenses you incur each month such as groceries, bills, rent/mortgage, etc.

The Personalized/Realistic Budget Plan is a budget plan that is designed as a template to help you achieve whatever goal you have. Common goals include: purchasing a car or house, paying off a credit card, saving for a vacation, etc. Your life is not stagnant and your personalized/realistic budget plan isn’t either.

Each package last for one month or thirty (30) days (unless otherwise noted); however, you may renew/extend our service at any time.

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