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Entrepreneur Prep

Being a Business Owner is...hard!

As an entrepreneur you wear many hats and/or have to juggle many responsibilities.


Get your business off to a great start by speaking with an advisor now.

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Entrepreneur Prep

Get your business off to a great start

You're in Charge!

Making the decision to start your own business is wonderful! However, that doesn't mean everything always goes smoothly...


of businesses fail within the first year.


of businesses fail within the first five years.


of small businesses make a profit.

Bet the odds by building a successful business through our Entrepreneur Prep service.

Benefits of Entrepreneur Prep

Understand where you are...realistically

Think you're going to have a multimillion dollar company on day one? Think again. Most businesses start very small but that's okay we can show you how to use your resources wisely.


of people start their business at home.


of small businesses use personal funds

Feel Prepared!

Don't struggle with overwhelming stress. We can get you feeling happy and confident.

Get your systems in place!

Like connecting gears, your business runs smoothly when your systems are functioning properly.

Avoid common pittfalls!

Surprisingly, many businesses fail because of the same common problems or mishaps.

Have an advisor by your side!

As an entrepreneur you're going to have tough days. But don't fear! You won't be alone as you'll have an advisor by your side.

Potential for more funding!

Having a well-thought out business plan can open the door to exciting funding opportunities.

Be the Best Boss!

You didn't start a business to watch it fail. Get your business off to a great start by getting entrepreneur assistance.